Nowaday trends to the global labour and knowledge division are forcing international companies to increasingly outsource their not-core functions to external vendors that already have the desired technologies, expertise and specialized infrastructure to enable their seamless integration into a company's business structure and are able to provide the required levels of services for high quality and timely execution of the projects that the companies would commission to them.

Dependable Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing Solutions

from Russification Laboratories, Inc.


  • Software Development:
    Embedded, DOS, and Windows NT/95/98 Applications

  • Website Design and Internet Application Development

  • Multilingual Translation into Russian and CIS languages

  • Software Localization for Russian and CIS markets

  • Graphics Design and Desktop Publishing


Our extensive expertise in medical and industrial software systems application development, experience in software localization and art design, professional knowledge of a wide variety of industries and fluency in local languages of CIS countries make RUSSIFICATION LABORATORIES a dependable outsourcing partner to whom you can trust the execution of the most sophysticated and important projects of your company using a variety of outsourcing schemes.


1. Project management.
2. Complete project implementation.
3. Separate project levels implementation.
4. Analysis, design, and specifications development.
5. Contracts at a quoted fixed price or on a time and material basis.
6. Single tasks and consulting.


The benefits a company can get by hiring our professional teams are enormous.

First of all, the opportunities to gain access to our specialist staff, knowledge base, specialized infrastructure, and dedicated expertise would give the company a considerable economy of scale.

Among other benefits, equally appealing to the hiring company are fixed prices, pre-determined levels of services, clear project documentation and significantly reduced time to market.

Also a great advantage is lower number of defects which is due to extra testing software products by Russification Laboratories.

And finally, the main objective both parties are equally striving for - greater profits through complete customer satisfaction.

Call now to contract our engineering teams for software application development in such areas as industrial process control, test measurement, signal processing, medical diagnosis and data management, bills handling, etc. or subcontract for our linguistic, website design, art design, desktop publishing and business assistance services.

Languages Supported

Main Languages: English and Russian.
Supported Languages:
English, German, Greek, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish Adygei, Armenian, Azeri, Bashkir, Byelorussian, Estonian, Georgian, Kabardian, Kazakh, Kirgiz, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Tajik, Tatar, Turk, Ukrainian, Uzbek.

List of Services


Complete Product Localization!
Long-Term Linguistic Support of Client Projects!

Russian and Multilingual Translation
Translation of technical drawings and papers
Translation of legal and medical documents
Document preparation for publishing (DTP) and grammar revision
Machine translation (CAT) and terminology development
Graphics translation and re-design
Multilingual typesetting
Expedited e-Mail translation
Multimedia translation and voice over

Software Localization
Localization and testing software on target platform
Translation of GUI strings, help system and readme files
Translation and re-design of graphical objects
Software apllication development and GUI design

Website Localization

Desktop Publishing and Art Design
Logo Design and Product Styling
Design of Web Graphics

Conference and Exhibition Support
Interpreter and guide services
Hotel reservation and accomodation

Assistance in Getting Professional Education in Russia
Language Training and Cultural Adaptation Courses

Intermediation and International Business Assistance
Travelling with client all over the Russian Federation
Travelling on business assignments

Outsourcing -- Software Development and Business Support!

How to Outsource

Just Call Us to Initiate a Contract! We will gladly inform you of how to contract with us for software application development in such areas as industrial process control, test measurement, digital signal processing, medical diagnosis and data management, billing handling, etc. or subcontract for linguistic, desktop publishing, art design, website development and business assistance services.

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