In today's globally competitive market an excellent localization vendor must ensure world-class performance in managing translation projects, close expertise in the translated disciplines and delivery of localized products and translated documents timely and in the desired format.

As different actions may become necessary during a product marketing, different tasks may have to be assigned to the same localization vendor. Therefore the external vendor must be able to meet the diverse and changing demands of a real product promotion compaign. It must respect and assure the client privacy and be able to resume old projects so a secured, long-term support of customer projects is very important. And, obviously, it must maintain Total Quality Assurance System to guarantee the timely and quality service and after-sale support.

Complete Product Localization Strategy

Complete Product Localization Strategy:

  • Total Quality Control
  • Professional Project Management
  • Comprehensive Localization Service
  • Professional Knowledge of Translated Disciplines
  • Legal, Technical and Software Engineering Expertise
  • Excellent Customer Service

Complete Customer Satisfaction:
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Long-Term Support of Customer Projects
  • Flexibility and Committment to Complete Customer Satisfaction

Comprehensive Service:
  • Multilingual Translation into Russian and CIS Languages
  • Multilingual Software Localization
  • Website Design and Localization
  • Desktop Publishing and Art Design

  • Conference and Exhibition Support
  • Assistance in Getting Professional Education in Russia
  • In-house Language Instruction and Cultural Adaptation Courses
  • Intermediary Services and International Business Assistance
  • Outsourcing: Contract Software Development for DOS, Windows NT/ 95/98

Qualified Staff:
  • Professional Translators
  • Professional Interpreters
  • Professional Software Engineers
  • Professional Multimedia Specialists
  • Professional Art Designers
  • Professional Lawiers

Multilingual Support:
  • Main Languages: English and Russian
  • Supported Languages:  English, German, Greek, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Adygei, Armenian, Azerbaijani,  Bashkir, Byelorussian, Estonian, Georgian, Kazakh, Kabardian,  Kirgiz, Latvian, Lithuanian,  Russian, Tajik, Tatar, Turk, Ukrainian, Uzbek.


Our Primary Mission is to help our clients become more competitive in the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States by providing them with comprehensive linguistic and engineering resources so that they could incorporate in their business a very precious asset -- expert product localization for CIS and Russia.

Our Complete Product Localization Strategy meets the growing demand of international corporate and private customers for comprehensive linguistic support of their projects related to the local national markets of Russia and CIS countries.

Our Total Quality Management System has been designed and operates to assure complete customer satisfaction in providing our clients with comprehensive, timely, and quality-oriented linguistic, engineering and business assistance service. In our committment to excellence we are utilizing DIN 2345, ISO 9000, 9001, TickIT and EFQM Quality Management approaches.


Access to the world class translation, localization and business assistance services that Russification Laboratories, Inc. provides to international companies and private clients allows them to get professionally accomplished translation projects and receive localized versions of their products comfortably, inexpensively and at the highest level of expertise. What is more, we offer a long-term after-sale support of every project, which makes our clients feel confident as to the future product modifications.

Languages Supported

Main Languages: English and Russian.
Supported Languages:
English, German, Greek, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish Adygei, Armenian, Azeri, Bashkir, Byelorussian, Estonian, Georgian, Kabardian, Kazakh, Kirgiz, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Tajik, Tatar, Turk, Ukrainian, Uzbek.

List of Services


Complete Product Localization!
Long-Term Linguistic Support of Client Projects!

Russian and Multilingual Translation
Translation of technical drawings and papers
Translation of legal and medical documents
Document preparation for publishing (DTP) and grammar revision
Machine translation (CAT) and terminology development
Graphics translation and re-design
Multilingual typesetting
Expedited e-Mail translation
Multimedia translation and voice over

Software Localization
Localization and testing software on target platform
Translation of GUI strings, help system and readme files
Translation and re-design of graphical objects
Software apllication development and GUI design

Website Localization

Desktop Publishing and Art Design
Logo Design and Product Styling
Design of Web Graphics

Conference and Exhibition Support
Interpreter and guide services
Hotel reservation and accomodation

Assistance in Getting Professional Education in Russia
Language Training and Cultural Adaptation Courses

Intermediation and International Business Assistance
Travelling with client all over the Russian Federation
Travelling on business assignments

Outsourcing -- Software Development and Business Support!

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