To succeed in Russia and CIS countries, software companies have to localize their products and literature according to the end-user expectations and the language requirements imposed upon the imported products. It is a must that your user interfaces, online documentation and Internet pages, as well as printed documents such as manuals, catalogs, brochures and guarantee certificates are in the language of the intended end-user.

Many companies delegate the software localization function to the competent localization vendor, Russification Laboratories Inc. By addressing professionals, these companies receive access to the technologies, staff and methodologies of a focused service provider who already specializes in applying the world-class localization standards to make software and software-related products admitted by local Russian and CIS markets.

Software Localizaton for CIS and Russia

Complete Software Localization

for Russian and CIS Markets

  • Software Localization for Russian and CIS Markets
  • Localizing GUI, Flash and Multimedia Components
  • Development of Glossaries and Terminology Databases
  • Translation of Software documentation and User Manuals
  • Translation and Testing HELP Files and Online Documentation
  • Beta testing software

  • Applications for DOS, UNIX, Windows NT/95/98
  • SQL, ASP, XML, SGML, HTML, Perl Applications
  • Java, Visual Basic, Delphi, C/C++ Software Products

Russification Laboratories, Inc. offers professional software localization solutions for software application development projects of any size and complexity. RUSLAB is a dependable software localization vendor who performs high-quality localization of desktop, CAD, CAM, CAE, client/server and Internet/Intranet applications and software systems and their complete preparation for launch on national markets of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Our Software Localization Center provides a comprehensive spectrum of services: from professional graphics design and expert multilingual translation of manuals, documentation, multimedia and marketing collateral to complete professional localization of software applications and systems and multitier websites, with possible installation and further comprehensive linguistic support of your products and services on any national market of CIS countries.

Our software engineers and expert linguists will localize your software applications, online services and complete set of documents with respect to laws, customs and languages of the target markets of CIS and Russia. Our broad support of different programming environments and technologies and professional knowledge of a variety of languages and character sets of CIS and Russia, combined with our expertise in a wide variety of industries, friendly technical support and full scale of services, lets you easily localize your software applications and systems, translate your documents and carry out your marketing campaign on schedule and at the highest level of professional expertise.

Our engineers will help you create a high-quality international software. We will produce either separate localized applications (one EXE for each language) or a single multilanguage application (one EXE for all languages) that will span different charsets. Finally, you will receive a culturally and linguistically accurate software solution based on a single byte, multi byte, Unicode or bidirectional character set.

We perform localization of software products for MS DOS, Windows 3.x, 95, NT and UNIX using Delphy 2-5, C++Builder, MS VC++, Borland Resource Editor, and MS FrontPage with the aid of advanced Machine Translation tools.

We will localize anything developed with Delphi and C++Builder including ActiveX, DLL and COM objects. In localizing your software package, we can internationalize, translate, resize and redesign an entire GUI system, common dialogs and windows, pictures, resource strings, menus, dynamic captions, GUI controls and built-in properties, VCL messages, BDE, exception messages and even third-party components and dialogs, with Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern character sets. The localization results can be easily compliled in a final EXE-file.

Localization includes:

  • Software package,
  • Operating documents,
  • Business and legal documents,
  • Printed, electronic and CD-ROM manuals,
  • Readme files and Help files,
  • Technical glossaries,
  • Web publications.

Technical support:

Our clients are entitled technical support via the following e-mail address. Since we are dealing with support mostly in foreign countries, the most convenient way is via elelctronic mail because of different times in the world.


Order Now! The localized version of your software, along with translated legal and technical documents, multimedia and marketing collateral, which you will receive from Russification Laboratories Inc. with highest quality and to strict deadlines, may be your key competitive advantage in the target national marketplace.

Languages Supported

Main Languages: English and Russian.
Supported Languages:
English, German, Greek, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish Adygei, Armenian, Azeri, Bashkir, Byelorussian, Estonian, Georgian, Kabardian, Kazakh, Kirgiz, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Tajik, Tatar, Turk, Ukrainian, Uzbek.

List of Services


Complete Product Localization!
Long-Term Linguistic Support of Client Projects!

Russian and Multilingual Translation
Translation of technical drawings and papers
Translation of legal and medical documents
Document preparation for publishing (DTP) and grammar revision
Machine translation (CAT) and terminology development
Graphics translation and re-design
Multilingual typesetting
Expedited e-Mail translation
Multimedia translation and voice over

Software Localization
Localization and testing software on target platform
Translation of GUI strings, help system and readme files
Translation and re-design of graphical objects
Software apllication development and GUI design

Website Localization

Desktop Publishing and Art Design
Logo Design and Product Styling
Design of Web Graphics

Conference and Exhibition Support
Interpreter and guide services
Hotel reservation and accomodation

Assistance in Getting Professional Education in Russia
Language Training and Cultural Adaptation Courses

Intermediation and International Business Assistance
Travelling with client all over the Russian Federation
Travelling on business assignments

Outsourcing -- Software Development and Business Support!

How to order

Just Click Here to Order Now! The localized version of your software along with translated legal and technical documents, multimedia and marketing collateral that you will receive from Russification Laboratories Inc. at the highest quality and just in time may be your key competitive advantage in the target national marketplace.

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